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Nectriaceae Haematonectria haematococca NA Bs Luo, C.-X., Yin, L.-F., Ohtaka, K., & Kusaba, M. (2007). The 1.6 Mb chromosome carrying the avirulence gene AvrPik in Magnaporthe oryzae isolate 84R-62B is a chimera containing chromosome 1 sequences. Mycological Research, 111<
Nectriaceae Fusarium virguliforme NA Bs Huang, X., Das, A., Sahu, B. B., Srivastava, S. K., Leandro, L. F., O’Donnell, K., & Bhattacharyya, M. K. (2016). Identification of highly variable supernumerary chromosome segments in an asexual pathogen. PLOS ONE, 11(6), e0158183.
Nectriaceae Nectria haematococca NA Bs Miao, V. P. W., Matthews, D. E., & VanEtten, H. D. (1991). Identification and chromosomal location of a family of cytochrome P-450 genes for pisatin detoxification in the fungus Nectria haematococca. MGG Molecular & General Genetics,
Nectriaceae Nectria haematococca NA Bs Miao, V., Covert, S., & VanEtten, H. (1991). A fungal gene for antibiotic resistance on a dispensable (“B”) chromosome. Science, 254(5039), 1773–1776.
Nectriaceae Nectria haematococca NA 1 M-Mahmoud, A., & Taga, M. (2007). 450-kb B Chromosome in the Filamentous Ascomycetes Nectria haematococca mating population I (anamoph, Fusarium solani f. sp cucurbitae). Genes & Genetic Systems, 82(6), 562–562.
Nectriaceae Fusarium oxysporum 11 2 van Dam, P., Fokkens, L., Ayukawa, Y., van der Gragt, M., Ter Horst, A., Brankovics, B., ... & Rep, M. (2017). A mobile pathogenicity chromosome in Fusarium oxysporum for infection of multiple cucurbit species. Scientific reports, 7(1), 1-15.
Nectriaceae Fusarium oxysporum 1,00 11 4 van der Does, H. C., Fokkens, L., Yang, A., Schmidt, S. M., Langereis, L., Lukasiewicz, J. M., ... & Rep, M. (2016). Transcription factors encoded on core and accessory chromosomes of Fusarium oxysporum induce expression of effector genes. PLoS genetics,
Nectriaceae Fusarium poae 4 1 Vanheule, A., Audenaert, K., Warris, S., van de Geest, H., Schijlen, E., Höfte, M., ... & van der Lee, T. (2016). Living apart together: crosstalk between the core and supernumerary genomes in a fungal plant pathogen. BMC genomics, 17(1), 670.
Nectriaceae Nectria haematococca NA Bs Kistler, C. H. (1996). Mutants of Nectria haematococca created by a site-directed chromosome breakage are greatly reduced in virulence toward pea. Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions, 9(9), 804
Nectriaceae Fusarium oxysporum NA Bs Vlaardingerbroek, I., Beerens, B., Rose, L., Fokkens, L., Cornelissen, B. J., & Rep, M. (2016). Exchange of core chromosomes and horizontal transfer of lineage‐specific chromosomes in Fusarium oxysporum. Environmental Microbiology, 18(11), 3702-3713.

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