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Nectriaceae Fusarium oxysporum NA 1 Li, J., Fokkens, L., Conneely, L. J., & Rep, M. (2020). Partial pathogenicity chromosomes in Fusarium oxysporum are sufficient to cause disease and can be horizontally transferred. Environmental Microbiology.
Nectriaceae Fusarium poae NA Bs Witte, T. E., Harris, L. J., Nguyen, H. D., Hermans, A., Johnston, A., Sproule, A., ... & Overy, D. P. (2021). Apicidin biosynthesis is linked to accessory chromosomes in Fusarium poae isolates. BMC genomics, 22(1), 1-18.
Nectriaceae Nectria haematococca NA Bs VanEtten, H., Jorgensen, S., Enkerli, J., & Covert, S. F. (1998). Inducing the loss of conditionally dispensable chromosomes in Nectria haematococca during vegetative growth. Current Genetics, 33(4), 299–303.
Nectriaceae Fusarium oxysporum NA Bs Seo, S., Pokhrel, A., & Coleman, J. J. (2020). The Genome Sequence of Five Genotypes of Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. vasinfectum: A Resource for Studies on Fusarium Wilt of Cotton. Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions, 33(2), 138-140.
Nectriaceae Gibberella fujikuroi NA 1 Covert, S. F. (1998). Supernumerary chromosomes in filamentous fungi. Current Genetics, 33(5), 311–319
Nectriaceae Nectria haematococca NA 1-2 Covert, S. F. (1998). Supernumerary chromosomes in filamentous fungi. Current Genetics, 33(5), 311–319
Nectriaceae Fusarium oxysporum 11 BS DeIulio, G. A., Guo, L., Zhang, Y., Goldberg, J. M., Kistler, H. C., & Ma, L. J. (2018). Kinome expansion in the Fusarium oxysporum species complex driven by accessory chromosomes. mSphere, 3(3), e00231-18.
Nectriaceae Nectria haematococca NA 1 Taga, M., Murata, M., & Van Etten, H. D. (1999). Visualization of a conditionally dispensable chromosome in the filamentous ascomycete Nectria haematococca by fluorescence in situ hybridization. Fungal Genetics and Biology, 26(3)
Nectriaceae Nectria haematococca NA 1 Garmaroodi, H. S., & Taga, M. (2015). Meiotic inheritance of a fungal supernumerary chromosome and its effect on sexual fertility in Nectria haematococca. Fungal Biology, 119(10), 929–939
Phaeosphaeriaceae Parastagonospora nodorum NA 1 Bertazzoni, S., Jones, D. A., Phan, H. T., Tan, K. C., & Hane, J. K. (2021). Chromosome-level genome assembly and manually-curated proteome of model necrotroph Parastagonospora nodorum Sn15 reveals a genome-wide trove of candidate effector homologs, and r

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